Sunday, July 23, 2006

HellBoy Animated Slide Show Translation

All these things will probably be on the DVD of the animated show eventually. So this could be looked at as kind of pointless. I got a lot out of it because by the time I strained my eyes to both transcribe and then type it, I had digested the content. Especially having to reconstuct sentences almost like a crossword puzzle. I had to skew the images to "correct" them from the awkward angle. I used a lot of guesswork on the text that goes with the "KEEP THINGS CONFINED" Imagery. I've included the photo I worked with to see if you guys were better at digital correction/enhancement. Check it out.


Surly Bird said...

Cool notes and pictures, Ellis. Sorry I missed you at the con. Maybe next year!

Rickart said...

Hey, I gotta question... when and where is the Hellboy cartoon going to appear?