Monday, April 03, 2006

Shameless Plug Post

For my Tuesday drawing I thought I would post a character from my blog to generate some traffic to it.


TopCat said...

One shameless blog plug deserves another, Rick!

I like this feller ... the fact that he has an ENORMOUS stinger, yet wears boots. And his hand gesture makes you wonder "What the heck is he thinking about?" Maybe where does a big mantis guy go to get boots repaired ... :-)

Dok said...

Great line technique as always!

I'm liking the fact that the tail and back legs are faded out a bit (at least to my aging eyes).

To push that sense of depth even further I'd suggest a shadow under the fig stretching out to the foreground arm?

Makes me also wonder what is it that he or she is considering so carefully? Lunch? Sex? World domination? All three but after Oprah?

Davis Chino said...

I love this character, and I have been meaning to post about this (and the site) sooner--it's just a little chaotic here right now. Look for my huzzahs on yr other blog.