Sunday, April 30, 2006

Calling Jeff,, Skrbbl

I will do a mold for you. i also replied on my other blog. How long ago did you ask me if I could do a mold for you? As I explain on the other blog, the silicone rtv rubber can cost a lot if you have something big you want a mold of. What is it.? A Bionicle thingey? Hey, how many TAG people still have their sculpey refigerator magnet? I Do.


rickart said...

Now that you mention it I have no idea where mine is... I think I need to go on an archiological dig in the basement and find it now!

I do know where my fantastic little bust of an EQ character I designed that was scupted by Rick J. is, though. It's an awesome little thing! If I think of it I'll take a picture and share.

Skribbl said...

Hey Ellis, my request wasn't urgent or anything. I was "just wondering" out loud. Maybe you could do a step-by-step post so we can all learn from the master. And thank God those pics were blurry! Those refrigerator magnets weren't all that great.

Mr Goodson said...


every thing a guy needs to know about moldmaking can be found on a sweet Gnomon DVD by a guy named John Brown.

All the light bulbs went on in my head as I watched that video. Good stuff. I've had very good experience with this place...

for my silicone rubber and the resin to pour into it. I'll do something on my Blog about what i know about moldmaking and how I've proceeded.