Sunday, April 09, 2006

Things are Mostly Good

Hey, give me another day or so. See that goopey looking piece of blue rubber. That has the ape body in it. Unfortunately the kicker or catalyst must have been mixed lightly in this last bit of the rubber. I've tried to scrape a little extra catalyst into the goopey parts to get it to harden up. I want to give it a day or so and hopefully I can make that final cast and send your kit back. I've published a couple of shots to show you how well everything else has come out. I'm sending you all that, extra heads, a mini asaro planes-of-the-head, and a disk with Beast of hollow Mountain. I'd hate for the body to be the only flawed and messed up part so I want to be patient and hopefully it will cure given the extra time.


Skribbl said...

Would you be willing to do a mold of something that I sculpted?? It's okay if you tell me to take a flying leap. I won't be offended. One foot is already off the cliff!

SkinFlynt said...

Jeff, sure. I was actually going to do a mold of that Kitchen Magnet you gave me about 15years ago. Back in the loft days. You gave everybody on Tag all those sculpey kitchen magnets. I've still got mine, on the refrigerator.

Tell me what you want. If it's big. The rubber can be expensive. I have a lot of the resin laying around so It's just the rubber (silicone Rtv) that I'd need to buy.

Skribbl said...

Oh I was thinking about something small but you wouldn't need to buy anything. I would buy it. And for heaven't sake don't make a mold of that old refigerator magnet!