Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Special Image for Jim G. For loaning me his Billikn kit of "GORILLA". This is foamcore boxing in preperation for silicone mold pouring. Two sheets of foamcore and about 10 glue sticks. And about three blistered fingertips. The main thing is not to waste the rubber so a lot of the foam core conforming around the shape of the kit part.


Rickart said...

Whatcha makin', dude? A stop-motion puppet?

Mr Goodson said...


I'm making a cast of a Billikin Vinyl kit called Gorilla. Named Gorilla for legal reasons one assumes since it is about the best sculpt of King Kong ever done.

The head is the highlight of the sculpt. It has the almost rhino like elongation of the skull in profile of the main stop motion puppet.

It all went well until it was time to get the Body part out of the foam core. As I state in the photos above, it's not cured and is too goopey to safely take the original out.

So I'm giving it an extra day.