Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Working on some comic-type stuff. I gave Robo Jim Rockford's Cali license plates. I'm going for the "handmade" look...see how wonky that sign is on that brick wall?

C'mon people--who else is up for a TAG comic?!?


MrGoodson2 said...

Beautiful Marty. You should never use a straight line pen tool effect. Hand made all the way. The Kirby post I backdated a bit because we just about tied posting. The discussion of Kirby, I've seen a couple of real dumb examples. Guys that can't dream of Kirby's talent throwing out little digs.

Rickart said...

By really strange coincidence I heard the Rockford Files theme on the radio today. I virtually never listen to music on the radio anymore, but Sue had it on in the care and there were a couple of songs I liked and then the RF theme came on! 2 Rockford encounters in one day out of ages not even thinking about it is pretty strange.