Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Think they'll make a Resin Kit that size?

It would be a heavy bastard

JMG added...NO resin kits at this point but Hot Toys has posted this teaser of the size comparison of it in their 1/6 scale series. It's going to be huge. fully articulated,The Iron man stands 12 inches so the Hulk will be 15 to 17 inches.


Davis Chino said...

Blair and I were in agreement that Ruffalo as the Hulk was one of the movie's high points.

Another plus: he's a dead-ringer for Mike Dietz.

JMG said...

It was a BIG payoff after the FIVE films before it. This new and VASTLY improved Hulk reminds me of the Marie Severin version most.

Davis Chino said...

Cool! I didn't know Marie did the pencils on any books except the funny Marvel Spoof books (on which her pencils were amazing--check it out on John K.'s site).

No surprise here, but I like the Kirby Frankenstein Hulk best. Reading those first 10 issues of the Avengers yesterday, it was amazing to see how fast that Frankenstein look changed to something like the Marie look--and I'm talking in Kirby's pencils. He lost his Boris Karloff look faster than the Thing changed from orange dirt-clod to tessellated titan!

p.s. love Jimmy posting here. This, in the end, may be the best thing about the Avengers movie.

JMG said...

Actually it's Marie Severin who standardized the look of the Hulk from Tales to Astonish/Hulk. Herb Trempe had supported her on refining pencils during the last period of her run on Hulk before he took over in 1971 and stayed with the book for most part for 7 years. Then Ernie Chan took over and I began to loose interest in the late 70's. Yeah she did a LOT for Marvel during her stay there.