Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Creeple stuff!

I've been working on more and more Creeple drawings.  Go to the Creeple blog to see more!
Click here to see drawerings 


MrGoodson2 said...

They're great. I do think you pull off the guy is massive vs the girl is small. Can'rt say why. I can only imagiine these in some of that eye popping Rick paints color schemes. Always so toothsome with the color.
You should also dabble in animated gifs with these and make a Tumblr site. Nothing any more elaborate that what this guy does.

Rickart said...

Ha! Those are great! What are they drinking? Coffee or tea?

Thanks for the kind words, Ellis. I do want to add some color to these drawings at some point. Right now these drawings get done mostly while waiting for kids to do their hour of Tae Kwon Do, so color isn't much of an option. Perhaps I could use Turboscan to get them onto the phone and then use a paint program to add the color... hmmm...

Tom Moon said...

Rick I thought you had a little laptop with a touch screen that had a color paint program on it.

Rickart said...

Yes, I do, but I don't carry it around where ever I go, so it's not typically with me when I'm at TKD.

Davis Chino said...

Love 'em. I esp'ly like your costumes--great attention to detail without seeming fussy, or making the characters stiff (Creeple always wear their clothes--their clothes never wear them).

And love the bird on the right hand side giving us that strong down-stroke!

You guys say color, and I guess that's the plan (and it's a great one), but I find 'em really satisfying in B&W, and almost feel like B&W fits the kinda woodblock, Old World (Rick Geary-ish?) feel I'm getting here--which I really love.

If you go color, I wonder if a more washed-out, hand-tinted style (again, a la woodblock) would look cool?

Just my buck-twentyfive (inflation and all...).

Davis Chino said...

Love the hands on the big guy--great pose, esp'ly the right hand (his left).

Sue said...

Being mentioned in the same breath as Rick Geary just made my day. :)

An old SD friend recently gave me a vintage Walt Kelly book saying that my style reminded him of Kelly... a nice thing to say and an even nicer gift. I'll scan some choice pages for you guys to enjoy... he's an inker's inker for sure.

Rickart said...

Whoops, I was still logged in under my wife's account to post pics on her cake decorating blog
Check it out!