Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My folks, gracious people that they are, invited me for a visit for a few days at their time-share on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The gentle trade wind breese provided a confortable environment to sketch from the Lanai.  The view over looks a golf course, some trees and a lava rock field.  

Ancient Hawaiians carved petroglyphs on some of the rocks.


Jeff said...

Looks great Ron!! I like the one with the golf cart. Bite sized for your convenience!!

MrGoodson2 said...

Yeah the cart. It makes you happy.
I've never been to Hawaii but now I feel like I've been there. Great work.

Davis Chino said...

Big Island!!

Drawings so fun, the Hawaiian Board of Tourism should make billboards out of them. LOVE IT.

And that golf cart is Ellis Gif-bait if'n I ever saw it.

(El, sorry we haven't gotten that photo of our view to you--Ron grimaced at the idea of a comparison, worried he'd be dinged for any inaccuracies...I tried to explain "artistic license" to him, and he said, "My only license is in programming."*)

@ Ranjo re: "bite-sized"--extra funny comment coming from yr T-Rex avatar!

*I invented that exchange. Artistic license.

Ron said...

The better angels of my nature say it'd be okay to compare and contrast my drawing with a photo of Marty's view.

Tom Moon said...

Ron, other than sketching and relaxing on tropical beaches, what are you up to these days?

Davis Chino said...

It may be the simplest of the three, but I especially enjoy the single palm tree drawing.

(plus, no chance for Ellis to Gif it!)

Rickart said...

Ellis, get thee on a plane and go check it out.

Ron, as always, I love to look at your drawings. They are so very delightful and full of personality.

Ron said...

Tom, tropical beach relaxing was a one-off, I tutor Mathematics around the North Seattle and Eastside areas, these days.

Davis, Ellis has a very trackable history of gif-fing my trees!

Thank you Jeff and Rick as well, for your assessments.