Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks TOM!

From my desk blotter. We had a great time. Great to see everyone. Tommy, thanks again for going to the trouble (and expense) of hosting our motley crew. At the rate this party is growing, next year will see us break the 100 people barrier....

I pushed this post behind your "Uh-oh!" post so not to crowd out the comments of gratitude that are beginning to pile up there.


Mr Goodson said...

Hey. I can't figure out how to push a post out of sequence. How is that done? Nice work on your Brush Pen blog Marty. I like seeing the rock and Roll Lifestyle all apsted in order.

Davis Chino said...


To post something "in the past": when the "New Post" page comes up you will see "POST OPTIONS" at the bottom of the window where you type in yr post. Click on "POST OPTIONS" and you'll see the date and time in dialog boxes. Just change the date and/or time here, then publish.

You can also use this to post in the future; when I am out of town I create posts ahead of time and then forward date them--you will see them in the EDIT POSTS page as status pending or something.

You will find it's very control time!!

Mr Goodson said...

Thanks. I posted my entry about Scott's sketchbook below you. Good knowledge