Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cartoonist search

I got this email from a NCS memeber... a message he received from someone looking for a particular cartoonist. I thought I would pass on this message to see if there is anyone in TAG who might know of this person:
"I am trying to locate a friend whom I have lost contact. I met Michael (Mike) Diaz in Tulsa, OK in 1983. He is a cartoon artist originally from Boston, MA (I think!). He graduated from Rhema Bible Training Institute in Broken Arrow, OK in spring 1983, and after a fall 1984 motorcycle accident left him with a back injury, he moved back to MA in late summer or fall 1985. I don't know where he studied art, but he was heavily influenced by Hanna-Barbera.

Mike had a four or six-poster set of prints out in the mid-'80's that were all Christian themed - martial art style figures kicking the devil's butt. Each poster had a matching mini-cartoon coloring book planned for production, but I think he ran out of money before they were actually printed. I recall Mike had a black or brown belt in karate. The characters were martial art-type experts wearing Biblical fighting armour. When Mike left Oklahoma, he intended to make a career as a cartoon artist.

Have you ever heard of Mike, or know anyone who might possibly know him? If you have any sources that I might be able to use to find him, I would sure appreciate any leads you might be able to provide."

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