Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Return of the Model Aryan

Going for the K.O. on Sweet Lad o' Liberty.

This is the original sketch that gave me these characters. Felt tip markers are on my mind. And this comic.


Mr Goodson said...

Marty, Ranjo wanted you and me to go see MONGOL at the Bridge this wednesday or tomorrow. Are you up for it?

The crop makes Sweet Lad Of Liberty a brand new piece of art. That comic book would take no longer to do than pencils, inking, computer coloring. Maybe less. And you'd have a product that stood out.

And no, I've not returned to the gator / barabrian drawing

Kali Fontecchio said...

Love the colors in the head of the guy getting socked- nice pinks in there!!!

rickart said...

There is so much to love in the Lad o' Liberty comic... the drawing, the satire, the color, etc. Ellis is right... with the cool marker PS brushes that Jeff shared with us you could do some computer colors that would be (as kids these days would say) "kickin'" and quick.

If I was half as inspired & talented as you are I would be all over it!

Mr Goodson said...

you read me wrong Rick. Or read me different than I meant. The old school marjer approach would be just as quick as going digital. And be really unique. And then could be digitally sweetened of course

rickart said...

Whoops... sorry about that, El.

Tom Carroll said...

What's always gotten me about this picture is the way the two eyes sit over the hooked nose that hangs over the hooked upper lip. It's not quite as amazing as the lining up of the planets in the finale of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but, well ... it's close.