Sunday, July 27, 2008

Awesome Sketchbook

As Buncake signed the cover and completed writing my name, I said, "no funny stuff." So instead he wrote something heartfelt.

Note all the sketches that we have enjoyed on this blog


Davis Chino said...

Scott never showed up at Tom's, did he? I would love one of these sketchbooks. Since my 'Con was so very abbreviated, I never made it to Buncake Alley.

Scott, if you read this, all the best!

Davis Chino said...

I should clarify--I planned to visit Buncake Alley on Friday--but Friday never came for me. Scott, don't think I had some list of priorities where you sat lower on the list than, say, Bud Plant or something; I got douched by prior commitments.

Mr Goodson said...

Marty. Bud Plant was a sad development this year. I guess Stuart Ng has kicked his butt in the competition. Plant's spot looked like a used comic book dealer slot, fronted with about one table, selling nothing but used volumes of collectibles. No attempt at all to compete with Ng on the import art volumes. And since I get get to Ng's store in about 15 minutes, i didn't look at any of that this year. (saved money I suppose.)