Saturday, July 12, 2008

New book by Eric Goldberg

Disney animator and director Eric Goldberg has been giving lectures and handing out notes on animation for years... he has now compiled all that info into a new book (click on the title of this post for the Amazon link). Included in the book is a DVD with animations that include timing sheets with notations on things like Key frames, so you can study the anims frame by frame. Sounds like a pretty cool package to me.

Goldberg is going to be at the Con signing the book. I heard about this on the Animation Podcast... which is another pretty cool resource.


Tom Carroll said...

I think this is one book that will be returning with me from the Con ... hopefully signed (tho I'm not a terribly good line waiter; the last time I did was to pose for a picture with Mr. T ... but that was so long ago I had hair). ;-)

Mr Goodson said...

I will have to look at this. Considering how unlikely I am to ever become and animator, I'm probably set with Preston Blair. But if it's genius coming off every page i'll probably buy it

Davis Chino said...

Eric who?