Friday, July 11, 2008

How to Download Youtube video

Click the Headline for
If you see a youtube video you'd like to have for ref. Or to play with in your own aftereffects project.

Copy the youtube url, paste into keepvid. It even gives you the option of different resolutions

If you're watching youtube and want to real time watch a higher rez version, add


at the end of the url and hit enter. If there is a high rez version it will play.


rickart said...

Max Fleischer cartoons are such a joy! What great gags and silly characters.

Davis Chino said...

Uh, let's not abuse this feature--unless one of us has made the video.

Ellis, your assignment is to post all the WALL-E cinematics to YouTube.

Krayonzilla said...

They probably filter Applian Technologies software. I have Replay Converter which converts FLV format to other formats as well as MP3. I still Use Real Player download to grab vids. In comparison there is no diffrence that I can see, so far. Still a good site if you don't have all that. The buttons take you to

Mr Goodson said...

Once the glitches are sorted out, I'll get you a DVD of the Walle cinematics. We still haven't got someone to burn them for us. I'm proud of how they came out.