Wednesday, July 02, 2008

2D/3D Artist Needs Good (Working) Home

Say, sympathetic TAGgers ... Chul Shin, a recent graduate of the Art Institute down here in San Diego, is needing to explore the job market more fully. I've gotten his foot in the door here at Rockstar San Diego, but the closest thing they can offer is an internship, and that's still going to take a while to get going ... I've sent his stuff to numerous contacts at Bottlerocket and I think they're looking at it and evaluating it, etc. But perhaps some of you will check his work out and offer advice, or if you thinks it's good, recommend one or more places to approach ... ones looking for worker bees.

His email is: chulwookshin at

Chul collaborated with me on the project pictured above: a fusion of a Harley, a tank, and some big ol' guns. I think it turned out well, especially considering I gave him the briefest of concept hints, mashed up from existing photographs in Photoshop. And he modeled it in a couple of days (off and on, of course) ...

So, that's is.
Here is his site as a LINK.


Mr Goodson said...

I can't imagine him waiting long for a job. He probably just needs to move to a richer market for the opportunity. I'd suggest a demo reel to EA. For that matter, a demo reel to Heavy-Iron, We're both in the same neighbourhood.

We have art openings. If he's a very techy huy. We really have need of a
technical artist.

Tom Carroll said...

I've passed this along to Chul, Ellis.

Any other thoughts? Companies people know are hiring?