Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Another spread from my PB. Tom, no models, I draw from my head like most comic book artists I know. I just never go to the inked version, so these stay really loose. These sketches (if I keep the composition) will be used as direct canvases for my digital watercolor/pastel paintings.


rickart said...

Your figures are always top notch and your forshortening is outstanding. Let's see more!

Skribbl said...

Seeing your stuff again in black in white brings me back to the days of "Mike and Friends." Was that the name? I forgot his last name.

Remember the horror?

MJM said...

Oh yes I do remember the horror. Company name, MASH 101 (acronymn for "Mike And Some Help") Later known as Albion Books after we kicked Mike out of his own company. Now mercifully defunct.