Saturday, October 14, 2006



Here's a new drawing I did on a whim.

I stumbled on this scene while I was in the woods one summer. I woke up hours later bloodied, bruised, with my pants and shoes stolen. Stupid fairies. I thought they were supposed to grant wishes or something. All I said was, " Hey ladies, whatcha doing? Getting a buzzzzzzzzzz?" I thought it was witty. Then they beat me up.

Stupid fairies.


Mr Goodson said...

Man, this is great work. Scott,check out this job, send links to your work.

This is NCSOFT character design work. It's a great job description and I know a couple of the guys that have worked for them. Kevin Chen and Anthony Francisco(sp). I took a class with them at Gnomon. It's in Santa Monica. I'm almost tempted to apply for it myself.

Mr Goodson said...

Why you're at it, go for this from the same company...

Tom Moon said...

Just beautiful linework Scott. I'm envious.

Skribbl said...

Awesome drawing Mr. Buncake. I sense a little Charles Vess in there.

Now don't screw it up when you color it. :-P