Friday, October 20, 2006

Nightmare Character: The Eggplant King

New picture ... the one I'm going to submit as soon as I've formalized the background write-up.

He is tall because he is a new rival for Jack Skellington ... and his one enduring trait is that he believes the lowly eggplant can aspire to pumpkin-like status. He slinks through the night replacing pumpkins with similarly carved eggplants, then observes people's reactions to his creations. He is undeterred, however, even when they don't immediately love them as much as he does. Secreted away behind high walls is a rambling, cobbled together shack where the Eggplant King lives. The building also contains his organic laboratory; the open fields outside are devoted to eggplant growing in advance of All Hallows Eve. Like pumpkins, these enhanced eggplants grow much bigger and have a distended appearance that makes carving of them easier to imagine. The wall is patrolled by sleek, purple weasel-nosed minks who howl out a shrill alarm whenever a stranger approaches.

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Scotty Buncake said...

Excellent design and I LOVE the backstory. That's the kind of quirky take the fits the world perfectly.