Saturday, October 14, 2006

Select Your Line Work In Photoshop

Scott, you being a linework guy just starting to manipultae his stuff in photoshop, I wanted to share this little gimmick with you. Take your scanned art, go to "channels" , duplicate the blue channel, invert it (ctrl I), and drag it to that little dotted line circle at the bottom of the channels box.

This selects just your line. And it can be used later to reselect the line area any time you feel the need to eradicate or reinstate that line. This is very useful for recoloring the line as someone else suggested. Deselet the inverted channel and select the RGB channels to go back to your regular art's appearance. Press ctl h to hide the crawling ants selection effect and just start painting over the line with colors that set off the fills you've chosen.

I touched up your nymph art with this selection technique. Just effortlessly reselecting the line area, alt selecting to get rid of some selction and doing different fills. Then at the end I just started putting black back on the line area. Wacky eh?


Scotty Buncake said...

Hey man, thanks for the tips and job info! I sent off a resume and link to the NCsoft Concept/Creature design opening, although it might be already taken since it was sent out back in September. Who knows. I'm hoping to get a job at Bottle Rocket in Carlsbad. I know a few people there and it sounds like a good set-up. In fact, Roger Robinson and a few Presto guys are there. We'll see.

Mr Goodson said...

Bottle Rocket would be an EXCELLENT place. Rich Kauhaupt, the main programmer that started the company is a genius that everybody in the industry around there has tried to hire at some time or the other. So it's great that the talent is now running the show. Roger Robinson could have you up and running on Maya in no time. And then, like most of us, you're stuck with games as your bread and butter. sigh

TopCat said...

I hope you make it there. ... You'll all be closer!