Friday, October 13, 2006

Nightmare Contest First attempt

Here's my first attempt at the contest entry but I dont' think this is the final. I was just searching for a shape that would fit in the world. But as I was drawing the character, I was trying to come up with a backstory and nothing seemed to fit. So my advice to you is to come up with the backstory FIRST, then draw away. I only say this because you have to turn in a character description with your design. It might account for 50% of the entry AND it only makes good sense.


Scotty Buncake said...

You're not supposed to draw pictures of TAG members. Shel's going to be pissed!

Great drawing by the way. You are the best noodler I've ever seen.

DMD 2000 said...

Very cool! Love the bathrobe but maybe give him a different hat (a fez?)

rickart said...

This guy reminds me of one of the original inspirations for Nightmare before Christmas, namely the Mad Monster Party... this guy reminds me of the Invisible Man from that movie... in the film he wore a dinner jacket, sunglasses and a fez (and nothing else!) and had a Sidney Greenstreet type voice (no doubt it was really Paul Frees). As I recall Jack Davis was the character designer on that project. Great stuff!

Jeez, I can't believe I remember all that... I gotta get out more!

DMD 2000 said...

Oh! I thought he remined me of someone. Thanks Rick!