Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TenNapel Speaks ...

Jason Weesner sent me this link. Doug TenNapel is such a read. Give this a little look when you have 1/2 a minute. Salient quote: "I didn't leave games, the games left me..." But that's only one of many, many, many quotable quotes. And to those of us who toil daily in the vidgame industry, it's particularly close to the bone ...


Here's the link to TenNapel's interview.

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Mr Goodson said...

Doug makes it look easy but he posted an example of a typical day on his blog. Check it out. He's at the board every day cranking it out.


Another quote from Doug, I asked him if he was going to E3 a couple of years ago and he said he'd rather go to Beirut. Now , like the rest of us, he doesn't have the option.