Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Frank Miller's 300 Trailer (daily testosterone shot)

This looks good.

  • And here's a little fun related bit.

    Mr Goodson said...

    I told someone at work if this had come out when I was a kid I would have died re-enacting it. Anyone ever see the other movie called 300 Spartans. I remember the last scenes where the Spartans have been whittled down to a little troop and the Persians back off and just send infinite spear volleys into them. Good thing I didn't put out an eye.

    rickart said...

    I'm not sure what to make of this film. I don't think enough of Miller's composition to be convinced that a film based on his framing habits is a good idea. I'm not saying it's bad, just that I don't think it's spectacular. Also, I find the artificial backgrounds a distraction. It's odd, because I never have a problem with "cartoon" backgrounds in a live theatre setting (probably because it isn't changing every 1/2 minute) but I think in a film they just call attention to themselves.

    Also, the acting style seems to be no more than "yell a lot".

    After seeing "Kingdom of Heaven" I don't know if any historical epic will satisfy me, especially something as, pardon the pun, Spartan as this film.

    TopCat said...

    Yeh ... I agree mostly (if not completely). I think I may have the same problem with this that I have with some other films ... Robert Rodriguez's films like "Shark Boy & Lava Girl" and also Baz Luhrmann's films like "Moulin Rouge" and "Romeo + Juliet." There is so much special effects polish lavished on each shot / virtual set, etc. that there is little room for the spontaneous benefits from simply "shooting a film." You end up trying to hang on for dear life as the footage is sped up, slowed down, spun around, desaturated ... maybe it all works out in the end, but I'll certainly wait for the initial slate of movie reviews to pop up.

    Ronnie Ashlock said...

    Here's the training protocol they used.

    Lots of Crossfit type stuff.

    Skribbl said...

    I was a little put off at first when I first watched Sin City but by the end I was sold. What I like about the look of these is that they're stylized and have their own distinctive look. Different than anything else out there. They have an etherial, dream-like quality.