Sunday, October 22, 2006

Character sheet from "Pirates of Venus"

Here's another drawing from "The Pirates of Venus" pre-production files. He's Carson Napier, the hero. You can tell he's the hero by the jutting jaw and absence of nipple-piercings.

I'm also including the logo I put together for them. Have no idea if they'll use it. Maybe one of you guys can pay me for it!


Mr Goodson said...

Beautiful. Great solidity on all his wardrobe. The goggles and belts and all. Let the pitch begin. Make that Burrough's estate happy and it's green.

Any news from Bottle Rocket

Scotty Buncake said...

I go down there on Wednesday for a preliminary interview. Should I wear something low cut?

Tom Moon said...

Scott, have you been in contact with anyone at SOE about jobs, or submitted a resume of any kind? I would be curious to see your resume if you would like to send it:

I think you are one very talented guy.