Monday, April 20, 2015

rpg art

elf mage

NWCC 2015

The Con was a major success from my standpoint as a vendor. I made some money and had a great bit of interaction with pure Okie Comic Book Fandom.
Someone complained about it being hot. The large room was hotter than the artist alley. Plus, we had cloud cover and a fairly pleasant temperature outdoors. If that sun had been streaming through the windows the same way we started the morning, it could have been an oven. So we lucked out.

The hardest thing for Buck at New World to duplicate next time will be the space. I called it a dilapidated vibe. A vintage office space with carpet and ceiling tore out, waiting for renovation for a new tenant, might be hard to come by for the next con.

The groovy little bar made me want to rent office space in the Paramount.

This was my impromptu signage at the con. My pricing for sketches. Sold a lot of index card sketches. Ones I was producing for fun. Only had a couple of actual commissions. One commission from Josh Fearing of Captain Janeway. I did her phazer set to kill.

The sign for the sketches (with it's folded, free standing, design) was a magnet for every kid that was eye level to the table. They all had the same thought. That paper wants to be flat. And would press the sign back into its original flat state.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stealing composition from Frank

I zero in on just the Tank in Frank Frazetta's Blazing Combat cover.
I flipped the turret from the original, also gave it a wide angle bit of distortion.
But It gives me that great Frazetta eye for composition. Staging complete. It's up to me to mess it up. Should be hard to do.
I will ink this in photoshop- very simply.
And have a variety of characters leaping about in action poses. Difficult because the character designs aren't made for action.
Says the guy who hasn't seen last years best (?) movie. The LEGO Star Wars Movie.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

New World Comic Con - April 18th - 2015

Comic Book, Game Concept and Storyboard artist Ellis Goodson will have his books RETRO ELLIS and IDLE HANDS available for sale.

Also selling 11 by 18 prints on card stock of The Goon, Hulk vs Batman and The Bog Monster. All in my fun(?) Goodson pencil style.
Come on by. You'll see this big Hulk banner at my table.

And, not many left. The Indy comic, THE BOUNTY OF ZONE Z. Featuring art from guest artists like Doug TenNapel and Mike S. Miller.
 The original art from THE BOUNTY OF ZONE Z will be for sale as an unbreakable lot. Price negotiable.

Vintage original art from the 'Tub.' A tub of 11 by 17 art I've hauled around for 30 years. Sold a lot of it at auction. Everything not already sold on ebay is still in the Tub. Some of it laughably bad. Just don't laugh too hard. I'm sitting right there.

Art ranges from 30 years old doodles to role playing game illustration as recent as the past month.

I will also be accepting commissions. The more complicated commissions will be done via the mail after the Con. Many quick sketch commissions (10 to 15 minute variety) can be done at the Convention.
I also generate a number of sketches on index cards that I sell while staying busy and loose. Feel free to browse my WTH index card doodles. Fun and affordable as original pieces of art.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Line art-backpainted in photoshop-line layer with lock transparency

Photoshop line art tutorial,
(the second one after his now obsolete multiply method)
allowing line art with alpha see thu.
This enables the raggediest sketch to be shortcutted to painting.
By locking transparency on the line art level.
Making the line art the only thing that will take color.
Painting the line art with a color appropriate to the generalized color direction the painting is headed.