Saturday, April 18, 2015

New World Comic Con

I did well. Probably made about 200 bucks. 
So with all the stuff I bought made about 2 bucks. 
No, it feels like I made 200 bucks. 
Bought stuff, maybe 40 bucks worth of stuff. Still had the 200.

Everyone did well.
The space was great. It was vintage office space about to be remodeled extensively for a new tenant. But we got to use it while it had this fun dilapidated vibe.


Tom Moon said...

So tell us what sold well and what didn't. How did you make most of your money? How many total customers did you have?

Davis Chino said...

Great job, Elz--getting yrself out there, mixing with the costumed masses, and coming away with a profit.

If that ain't the American way, I don't know what is!

Rick Schmitz said...

Hey guys, I think my TAG gmail account was hacked. I'm working with Google now to get it fixed, but in the meantime I have this other Google account that I can use. I'm guessing that someone will need to approve my posts until it gets fixed.

I love this post, Ellis. The video gives us a pretty good idea of what this con is like. I like your table set up as well. Very cool. I'm contemplating attending a small con in Tacoma called Jet City Comic Con. It's $150 for a 2 day con, but Tacoma is close enough that I don't need to get a room for the night, so it's a pretty low overhead. I don't see a single name that I recognize off of the Artist Alley list so far, which gives me some misgivings.

Rickart said...

Hmmm... had some Google account issues... it looked like the account was hacked. I think I have it sorted out now. I tried to post earlier with a different gmail account, but it's not authorized to post on TAG, so a few of you are probably getting emails asking for authorization to post my comments. If they don't turn up some time tomorrow I'll give it another try.

MrGoodson2 said...

I bet Tom authorized it. Or you did. I fear the hacker. About to finish a Brad Thor audio book called Act of War about how the Red Chinese will turn us all into easy to kill kittens with a massive EMP attack.

My biggest sale was from an unexpected place. I brought along what I call the 'tub o art.' Actually I switched from a tub to a sweater box size. Already sold a lot on ebay.

Art that I've tossed into a big tub just to get it out of the way. Some stuff 30 years old. Some stuff recent. From that tub a young man pulled out my Marvel sample of Deadpool. Two pages of comic art.

I meant to discourage him from buying it and said I'd have to have 80 bucks for it. He and his wife went out onto the street to some nearby store to use an atm and came back to buy it.

I tossed in the bonus of giving him all the sample scripts that Marvel had sent me when I created the pieces. Via email when I got home.

I sold people art from that tub that were people that liked the way I draw. Old doodles of the sort I post here all the time. Typically about 5 bucks.

After that I sold the prints I had Digiprint make. The Hulk vs Batman was the big seller. I bet I made 50 bucks at least selling those. Then the rest was index card sketches. In most cases being what I generated on site, just drawing goofy stuff. Sometimes drawing someone in costume as they went by. Memory sketches, People would walk up and take the cool ones. I'll scan the ones left behind and post them later.

I had one commissioned index card sketch. Captain Janeway from Trek. It was ...quick. But I almost zeroed in. Got some shapes right. Got a bit of that stern quality. She had her phazer set to kill.

Passed out cards. Had a good time. Made enough extra money that really gives me no excuse not to get a computer that integrates me back into social media.

Expect a lot of likes on Tumblr Marty.

MrGoodson2 said...

I better go to work. I was going to craft another comment. That Tank with Meeples was finished. Link to that later. And I have to stay awake after work and get those role playing game illos done.

MrGoodson2 said...

Info for Gorham. I don't remember clearly how much interaction you and I had when I was running around with Rodney Wolfe, Andy Anderson and Mark Ingraham. I think we had some because Brent used to sell us weed. Or we sold him weed. I forget which. Weed. That's what it was back then. "Am I high? I think I'm high." Not this stuff that ODs people. All those characters were Del City High based. You probably did know them.

This guy stops me when I'm walking around the booths near mine "You remember me? I had more hair then." He's bald as an egg. I look at him pretty hard, nothing comes back. Then he says "Mark" Then every little tic and mannerism brought him all back. Former roommate, with Rodney Wolfe and me.

So anyway, some catch up went on. But the thunderbolt is that Rodney has been dead for 10 years. Was practically living on the street when he caught pneumonia and died. We both agreed he was a genius. Mark said talking about it he could feel a tear forming in his eye.

Mark married had at least one kid, a daughter. And his house blew away in Moore in 2013. Has made his living as a scrub nurse for the past 30 years.

JMG said...

Rodney Wolfe sounds familiar. I remember another guy who lived down N Classen Blvd near the Milk bottle place. He had a BIG Great Dane. Brent Purdom had guys coming and going but after all this time my memory is vague on it all.

MrGoodson2 said...

Rodney was Black, usually liked the big, out of style afro. Quite the chick magnet.

Wanted to add an observation about cons in general. If you go in to one and say- 'Caricatures- Right here', put total emphasis on that, you will make more money than anything else you can come up with.

There were a couple of guys teamed up doing caricatures at this con. They were constantly busy.

Hey Marty- Rodney- From the Albino.