Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Found under the Kardassians

I was looking through the Archies at the Vons checkout and found this odd story. An interesting thing is I found this same story in an Archie in New Jersey in 1988. I am sure I have it in a box somewhere. Archies are just a collection of random reprints of 50 years of stuff. Where was Gene Colan in his life that he needed to do this assignment?


MrGoodson2 said...

Artists have always just scraped by. Changing employers- DC- Marvel- Charlton- Warren. Just trying to get a buck here and there. Digging an easy gig with medium payday would have been a day in the life. Didn't Colan have a recent health set back? I'll look it up.

Rickart said...

I believe he passed away.

Yeah, it seems like a crime to have him doing Archie, not because Archie is some inferior to Marvel or DC, but because it's such a poor match for his skill set.

Tom Moon said...

He should have done dark-moody-misty-collage Archie.