Monday, April 13, 2015

Revised Website

I'm trying to clean it up. Had a vision of big color-tinted blocks...sorta like the credits to a French New Wave film....what do you think?
p.s. I have been slowly adding blog posts to "comicsbymartydavis" ...kinda fun to do that again! (tho' not much you guys haven't seen--again, a work-in-progress.)

p.p.s. my favorite thing used to be my bio pic montage...but the gag's getting old, isn't it?


Tom Moon said...

I'm going to vote no on the color tinting for the main page. Your original colors are too beautiful to distort. I do like the effect on your bio pic page though.

I also agree with Rick's original comment that the pictures are a bit too large. When I visit a website I like to be able to see everything it has to offer without any scrolling, plus some breathing space as well. Just my personal aesthetic.

Davis Chino said...

THanks, Tommy!! That's a big help!

MrGoodson2 said...

I like my deviant art page so much I had to study what it is I liked. It's the spareness. If you pick one boffo image, and that's it, you accomplish that main goal of storytelling. Make them want more.

Rickart said...

I like the tinting, at least on the black and white images.

Rickart said...

And the portrait page is a crack up. You should stash a photo in there so that people can see how you really look.

Davis Chino said...

Thanks for the comments, Rick! And Elz! I've made some changes, but I'll refrain from clogging our precious ecosystem with more me.

Again: gratitude!