Tuesday, April 14, 2015

OCU fig drawing

My evening.
I went in planning to do cartoons. I just don't have the imagination to do anything but draw what's in front of me.
Setting this back a day so I don't tread on the recent entries.

 Another role playing game commission
And here a commission for a convention brochure.
I'm busy on my days off this week. And I have a Con to go to Saturday. And I'm still working on Ms Valkyrie.
When I start getting Social Security in 6 months- I'm definitely quitting Avis. I'm confident now I can make at least as much moolah using my art ability.
Where the New World Comic Con occurs.
To move your goods in- Choice of- those stairs - Or a small elevator.
Think I'll take the elevator.
Hopefully someone is paying me 200 bucks for this.


Tom Moon said...

Sorry Ellis, these are such beautiful studies I had to overrule your modesty and set your entry back at the top where it deserves to be. I almost didn't see them buried down low on the blog. They deserve to be seen!

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Tom. Your manipulation of the timeline gave me an idea.

Go way back in ancient history and push old entries up to current time.

But re-set them after a short run of "Ha Ha, remember this?"

Tom Moon said...

Sounds like fun. But would people remember the original time to reset the entry to? Our true history might be destroyed, like in all those time travel movies.

Davis Chino said...

Right on Tom!! An excellent use of our shared administrator status.

They are great--it's great to draw what's in front of you--I find it real tough to deliberately cartoon-i-size in those life drawing situations...good to get academic!

And the drawings are peachy. I can practically hear them singing something from "Oklahoma"!

MrGoodson2 said...

I guess we shouldn't muck about with time. I trust myself but someone else might open up a wormhole.

Thanks Marty. I'm glad you think it's tough to cartoon in that situation. I wish I had your cartooning -caricature ability going into this con Saturday.

MrGoodson2 said...

The teacher, Mike Wimmer, was trying to give us a Norman Rockwell on that hand full of Posies pose.

Davis Chino said...

These look great, Elz! Congrats on getting more commission work. That's fab-oo!

A note on self=promotion: like our dear friends Rick and Ronnie, I've been getting more into (or rather, "onto") the social media bandwagon (tho' I still feel like an idiot when I catch myself telling someone, "I just tweeted *blank*...."). It is not a bad way to get your art seen...Instagram is great. Twitter I find more interactive, but less easy for viewing 9or sharing) art. But even with my extremely modest group of followers (which is an awful term that I hate to use, but must for lack of a better, clearer alternative), I have been able to make--and more importantly sustain professional contacts. And even in the scant five weeks or so I've been active, these contacts have proven themselves to be super=helpful. Not just for getting jobs, but for giving job advice. A couple nights ago a friend wrote and asked if I'd be up for doing some illustrations for Autoweek magazine...nothing's been finalized, but when they asked how much I wanted, I was able to ask a friend via Twitter for pricing advice that proved invaluable. (turns out you should ask for between $600-$700 for something like this, and probably take no less than $400--I was gonna ask way less than half of that!).

My point is, just like this blog, it's a nice venue for sharing work that might (or might not) inspire others to hire you. Three of the main people I follow on Tumblr have been doing just this, sharing odd pieces consistently, making images based on popular characters, hash-tagging them into visibility, and mainly just posting commissions as they do 'em, and in the course of a year or so I've watched them grow their commission base substantially.

I think the key is the hashtag filter system...right now you could do a #Trimpe hashtag that might get shared around a bit. Try #TrimpeLove!

Anyhoo, just wanted to share this, 'cuz I love yr idea of living on the wages of yr art--and surviving!

MrGoodson2 said...


1 year from now that strategy will probably have you up to your eyebrows in cool work. It is social media that gets this work.

I will redouble that effort soon. Need some new computer that lets me have a browser that gives me access to social media.

Twitter-no followers- killed the old account. Have to start over there.

Tumblr- can't post until I get a new computer and new browser.

Instagram- I think I've been incapable of using that for 3 or 4 years. They were early adapters of excluding old plug-in deficient browsers.

Facebook is my current path to the occasional freelance. Much as I hate facebook and it's navigation, they still let me use it with the 10 year old mac mini.

Good old blogspot.It's gotten slow but I can still use it. Google is probably the reason it has got so slow. All the scripts they're probably throwing at blogs.

I also want a clean break from Yahoo mail in my future. Yahoo is a mess. They are the useless roll-out kings @ yahoo.

Rickart said...

The thing I hate about Instagram is that its designed to be just a mobile app… you can’t really post through your computer, it’s designed to use the mobile app for that. I sort of see why they do that, but it’s irritating when you have a file on your computer and you have to either mail it to yourself or take a picture of your screen. That said, I get more likes through Instagram than anything else. And yes, hashtags are the secret. I’m not getting a ton of followers, but I can count on a lot of likes if I properly hashtag.
I have a FB page just for my art, but it is getting seen by fewer and fewer people… their newsfeed algorithm have curtailed the views over time. But wait! I can pay FB for more views! I don’t mind FB making some money, but at the same time there’s no transparency on who or why they are showing my posts to some folks and not others, so no thanks.
I get virtually no likes on Tumblr, and who know how many views I get there.
I agree with Marty on Twitter.

Tom Moon said...

What is that? Gingerbread Man Wars? I hope someone is paying you 200 bucks for it too. When will you know?

MrGoodson2 said...

Hopefully by Saturday Tom. That was the deadline. It's a wife of a friend. But she is an art director. Those are Meeples. And that tank is lifted straight from Frazetta's Balzoing Combat cove. But I monkeyed with the turret. Flipped it.

MrGoodson2 said...

Balzoing! I like that. Someone think of the product that would go with the name.

MrGoodson2 said...

I ended up taking the stairs. Did some very deep breathing afterward.

Video of the day before the con. Set up day.