Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trash Bot!

This was my art project for the day. Nicholas had to do an Earth Day project for second grade. It's due tomorrow.  He's had it for two weeks and I just got told about it today.  So we quickly built a garbage-gathering-recycling robot by cutting up and taping, old shoe boxes together.  Then we applied texture maps with glue.  Just like in Maya, only slower!

This gave me an idea for my new business - This week's multi-million-dollar idea:

"Parents!  I will do your kid's school art projects for them!
$50 an hour plus material costs.

Tired of those pesky school assignments that force you to take time off from your high-paying job and spend time with your child fumbling with scissors, glue and paper?!  Let me do the work. I guarantee a passing grade for your child or your money back!  Call 1(800) 555-1212 and make your appointment today!"


MrGoodson2 said...

"Beeda, beeda, beeda, Hey Buck."

Nice work. Well bolted.

MrGoodson2 said...

I like the colorful setting. PeeWee playhouse. Which they have on Netflix streaming now.

Rickart said...

Love the bot and the business idea. I bet you could make a mint in Silicon Valley.

Davis Chino said...

That is really funny, and a great idea. A lucky kid to have you help out!

p.s. there is a climactic scene in The Teen Ellis that involves building a robot out of found objects.