Sunday, April 12, 2015

Diggin' Daredevil

I am enjoying Netflix's Daredevil, though I wish it were a tad less graphically violent. The explanation of the whole "radar sense" thing was pretty cool. His brain interprets all the hypersense data using the visual cortex, so he does get an image in his mind.

The opening credits have "Created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett."

I can't wait for the Stiltman episode.


Tom Moon said...

I haven't watched the show yet but I'm going to eventually give it a try. I'm betting the writers based the "radar sense" explanation on one of two NPR radio stories. One was done by This American Life:

It's about a young blind man, Daniel Kish, who does exactly what you're talking about, and the visual cortex does indeed form a true image in his brain.

"Lulu tells the story of Daniel Kish, who’s blind, but can navigate the world by clicking with his tongue. This gives him so much information about what’s around him, he does all sorts of things most blind people don’t. Most famously, he rides a bike. We learn why he was raised so differently from the way most blind kids are brought up, and how the book The Making of Blind Men by Robert Scott changes everything for him."

The other similar story was about a young woman, Emilie Gossiaux, who wears a camera device which sends electronic signals to her tongue. With time she learned to interpret those signals in the same way and actually sees a visual image.

"Though Emilie Gossiaux was permanently blinded in a terrible accident, she has recently been able to see again — in a very different way."

Amazing stuff. Worth a listen, both stories, if you have some time.

BDMontag said...


Rickart said...

I binge-watched the whole series this weekend. Never been a big DD fan, but I got sucked into the show. There were a few nodes to the rest of the MCU, but mostly it was it's own animal, with a tone that's quite a bit darker than the rest of the MCU. I liked it.

One Shot said...

Finished up the series last night. There where some scenes that were surely graphic...but Netflix was a perfect outlet for this type of show. I'm looking forward to another season if they do one. I enjoyed Kingpin's character, I thought Vincent D'Onofrio did a pretty good job capturing the character. some of the grimacing facial expressions seemed straight from the old comics.