Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SUMO ! Photoshop lite- in your browser!

My first sketch with it.
Using the mouse.
Pretty dang cool. Layers- opacity- I've barely scratched the potential.
I don't know about downloads. I did the sketch above just by hitting TRY.
 I colorized it a bit. Very photoshop like. I believe the big deal is it has to limit your resolution and keep you sane on how dynamically it digs in on the pixel manipultion.
But still. Free and a click away from bringing it up on a browser tab. Great.
FORGOT TO LINK IT. Here's the program. Try it. 
 My second doodle with it. Great as something that does what it does without a photoshop hogging of ram.
Drawn with a mouse in about 15 minutes.
Big brushes to little brushes.
That never got very little.


Davis Chino said...

Really fun--I love toggling between the two and seeing her little eye pop open in purple....

So is this going to be an Illustrator/PhoSho replacement for you??

MrGoodson2 said...

No no. It's just awesome that someone that doesn't have photoshop could have photoshop power. In their browser. I may open it up to doodle as a ritual.

JMG said...

It's got a Sith vibe to it.