Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A pox on the computer age

Social media is very buggy on my IPad one (4 yrs old) so I can't reliably respond and gush over the stuff being posted. Great things recently.
My hard drive crashed. It was under warranty so it will only cost me $70 to get a new disk with most of my data recovered. I am backup deficient. This very week my Adobe subscription finished. They wanted to go from $30 to $50 a month. With a price point like that my wife expects results, so I thought I'd live without the upgrades and support. Now I've got nothing. A few posts down is a free adobe alternative and I'll review the blog for others. If someone wants to make a list... Why isn't there  a Google Vector?


Rickart said...

Manga Studio is pretty great for most digital drawing that I do. It has a vector layer mode, so if you are an Adobe Illustrator person that might be a good substitute for you. I use PS for digital painting, but if I didn't have that I'd probably use Art Rage, which has a lot of the same layer benefits of PS. Both programs are under $100 each, last time I checked.

MrGoodson2 said...

Yes Ben. Manga Studio has its learning curve, the things it does differently than photoshop, but it has quite a few things that it does the same. That Sumo photoshop lite has a lot of youtube tutorials as does Manga Studio.

Sorry about the hard drive. I'm surfing on an 8 or 9 year old mac mini. It has needed complete formatting at one time. Still going. I've got an imac I just stuck an extra 3 gig of ram into. That's what should be going all the time but I rarely turn it on.

The other option is to get the old adobe versions of programs. I've been using photoshop cs2 since my heavy iron days. It's free if you know how to get it. That's the rumor anyway.

I'll send you a copy of mine if you are using Mac. It would arrive on a thumb drive vs a disc. I love these multi gig thumb drives.

These computers will break your heart. And back up drives. Those are the worst when they die I've discovered. Someday when I have the money I'll turn an old dead hard drive over to experts and see if I can get all the lost goodies of of it. I've also done a lot of disk back up. That is what has saved me.

BDMontag said...

Thanks guys. I'll see what I can talk my wife into when I get the computer back. It's a PC so I can't take you up on the Photoshop offer, Ellis. I've read about vector art mobile apps that surpass Illustrator, I just am curious why no one wants to take on Adobe with their own suite of graphic desktop apps. I liked the subscription idea, but isn't $50 a month a psychological barrier for pros too? We've all worked at places that didn't upgrade because of the price, unless Adobe works on really small margins you'd think there would be lots of money to be had by eliminating the sticker shock.

BDMontag said...

And not so gradually, none of my apps are compatible with my IPad OS. The first IPad can't take the new system. Most surfing crashes and Netflix and Crackle no longer work.

Davis Chino said...

Ben, commiserations on yr computer woes.