Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Attacked By Bees

A gang of renegade bees have been terrorizing Blair and me for the last two days. First a few dozen snuck into the house thru a vent yesterday afternoon. We called "The Bee Man" and they seemed to get it handled....this morning the coast looked clear, but like any good Lee Marvin-style biker-gang movie, they were just massing for another assault.

About lunchtime, they began SWARMING into the house.

I was working upstairs--I kept my cool for about 15 minutes, ushering as many as I could out the  balcony door (they all seemed like they WANTED to leave thru the door--and those that could, did)...but very quickly the room around me began to vibrate with a loud, many-winged BUZZZZZing that was truly unnerving. It wasn't so much the few dozen bees I could see, it was the thought of all those many more bees as yet unseen that must be making the racket.

I grabbed my crap and got us out of there.

The Been Man came back and cleaned the place out. Kept us out of the house for most of the day, so we wandered over to the local Mexican food joint...I downed a couple drinks, which helped a little. Back home now and the situation's much better....But this whole ordeal's left me seriously rattled!

Seriously, I'm kinda freaked. Unstung...but freaked.

And I'm pissed because I couldn't finish what I was planning to post for today.

Here's me and Blair, jetting away from the danger in a Jack Kirby world.
p.s. on a positive note, the text in this Kirby panel comes from my very own home-made comic font, created using Ellis's Paintfont.com site. Thanks, Elz!

JMG Added" At least they weren't this BIG!

JMG Added: THE BEE MAN has your number Marty!!!! LOL


JMG said...


Tom Moon said...

Where is that Kirby drawing from?

MrGoodson2 said...

You got a great font Marty. Good job.
Glad you followed up on that. It really makes you feel like it is all you when you use a font on your comics that is your lettering.

Remember, at this point in our fragile eco-stasis, those bees are more important than you and Blair. Co-exist.

Kidding! Use a flamethrower.

MrGoodson2 said...

Honeycomb cereal. Right out of the box by the handful. That's the way I eat it. The horse flies keep the bees away from our place.

Davis Chino said...

HA! Jimmy, I was seeing this guy in my nightmares last night!

Elz, I know you are teasing, but in truth it was traumatic to see these bees convulsing on the floor and dying. We tried to help as many out of the house as we could, but once their numbers passed a certain threshold (judging by my limbic reaction, probably one set in our caveman past), we ran fer the hills!! Glad we could get an exterminator out here so quickly--twice!!

Thanks again for the font help--I am working on the spacing between letters, etc., and I'm also doing four variations that I can mix and match to keep the charade of hand-drawn origin going!

Davis Chino said...

Tommy, the image is from a Thor comic I've got--I'd give you the ish, but it seems to be hidden away somewhere....

I'll try to find it...honest.

Tom Moon said...

Is it Porga taking Jane Foster to meet Count Tagar and the High Evolutionary?

MrGoodson2 said...

Are you doing the font fine tuning in photoshop or at some level where it resides as a true font?

I need to hone mine up as well.

I'm procrastinating. Need to get to work inking. Get that project out of my hair. After reading the most current issue of Creepy, I'm fairly confident i have something i could sell Dark Horse.

Davis Chino said...

Elz, 'CREEPY' is such a great idea!! Yr stuff would be a perfect fit!! OR Dark Horse Presents.'

Tom, I don't have the continuity on this storyline--just one issue that I found cheap somewhere. Pretty sure it's the cover where the 'little green men' from space are trying to take Thor out with blasters..?

Davis Chino said...

BTW: great Neal Adams art piece dedicated to...who??

Davis Chino said...

Thor # 132, I think.


'Nuff said!

Davis Chino said...

Elz, re: the font:

I printed the site's guide, drew each letter in Sharpie, scanned it, then cleaned it up in PhotoShop and uploaded it to the site. Then I installed it in my "Font Book" (which happened automatically when clicking on my downloaded file in wither of the the vector-based formats .OTF or .TTF). This put the font in my PhotoShop repository, no problem.

Then I tried it out in PhoSho, noted problems, and went back to the PhoSho scan and made my tweaks. Then I uploaded it again, etc., etc., until I got something that worked OK.

My main difficulty was with my lower-case set: although the program uploaded both my "upper" and "lower-case" letter sets, the lower-cases never installed properly, (not a problem on its own as long I remember to keep my caps-locked). Strangely, my own computer automatically created its own lower-case alphabet by shrinking my upper-case letters by about 40%, which looked terrible.

Try as I might, I couldn't get my lower-case letters to work.

But other than that, it's great--esp'ly for the price (FREE). Any other font-maker software looks pretty involved...I might step up to something more sophisticated--some day!!

Davis Chino said...



Rickart said...

Whoa, crazy! Afriend on FB posted recently about a wasp invasion in his house. He described it in great detail... I told him he should substitute the word 'wasp' with the anagram W.A.S.P. and see how it would read. You might try the same with the word Bees and see if it doesn't change your perspective a bit.
The Kirby image is HYSTERICAL!

Rickart said...

Oh, and the font looks FANTASTIC! Nice work!

Tom Moon said...

The bald character in the picture IS Porga. Marty, you cast yourself in the role of the High Evolutionary's pig man!!!

Davis Chino said...

Tom: naturally.

Rick, glad you like the font!!

I am recovering from the trauma, thank you!

BDMontag said...

Last year the bottom floor of my house was inundated by flies. A real Amityville Horror type event. Spent the whole day spraying, swatting,and sweeping. All gone the next day and never returned. If they came back I'd assume something died in a vent or something, but no return. Just nature being whacky.

I thought I was the B-man.

Davis Chino said...

Ben, not only are you the B-Man, but the costume will look wonderful on you at next year's Wondercon.

Terrifying about the flies. Seriously.

And Jimmy, I can already tell yr video clip is too scary for me to watch in my fragile state.

Give me a week.

JMG said...

Well Marty, I wouldn't Netflix Irwin Allen's 1978 film The SWARM then. LOL

Tom Moon said...

... or "The Sting".

Davis Chino said...