Monday, August 25, 2014

Blair Witch sumo doodle

Really has been good for me to dabble with sumo brush with zero expectations of myself.
I think it is upping my photoshop game.


Davis Chino said...

Upping yr PhoSho game fer sure. Really loving all these new color drawings!

But then...does that mean you did this in PhotoShop? Or that other program you've been using....?

Davis Chino said...

...whichever it is, keep it up!

I really like the creepy figure in this one...great mystery!

MrGoodson2 said...

This one is sumo paint. That is good for a guy because unless he's using the pencil tool, he's using brushes. And it doesn't have ease of brush size change. So you tend to use the same size - too large brush. Then you have to come back and shave it down with paint into and paint over. That is what it inadvertently taught me about photoshop. Paint big and sloppy, paint back into it later.

Tom Moon said...

It's got a luminous scratchboard feel to it, something I'd like to do more of.