Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Tue contribution

Another sketch....this time in color. I kind of went overboard with mixed media on this but I started it and let in go forward. Paper didn't cooperate with the Tombow markers and the Tech pen india ink but I rolled with it. Had been going through my art supplies trying to figure out where everything was and just came across a handful of stuff and just started messing with it. Oh well.


Tom Moon said...

That's the most fun way to get sucked into drawing. Not even intending to draw, and then you just start playing with something. That's part of every morning's struggle: working yourself into a playful, creative frame-of-mind.

I like how the new media you're using imparts a different feel to the drawings you've done lately.

Davis Chino said...

I like the crimson inside her helmet!

Cool stuff--good to see you workin'!

MrGoodson2 said...

Yes Tom. My drawing is almost always sneaking up on myself to get the brain to kick into the drawing zone. Once there I'm completely happy to be there.

Before I get there, I dread the failure that I know the drawing is destined to be.

The sketch here has a lot of good eye pleasing. Crop it tight and get rid of all the fanned out unfinished. That bothers the eye. It's not leading it any where.

Rickart said...

Looking good. I agree with Ellis' thoughts on your drawing and concerning drawing in general.