Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photoshop Goofing

10-28-update. Bumped this post down under the originals I tampered with Hey. I can't paint. But I love to mess around with photoshop. Then my a.d.d. sets in and I get sick of everything I'm doing. That's why I mess with other peoples art. I get to think in short bursts.
This next one was done how I mess with other peoples art. On the McMini, just using the mouse, making crude masks. But now I feel like I have something I might be interested in re-exploring on the cintiq

Improvement was not the goal. Just me having something to goof with that I hadn't done the hard work of starting from scratch. I dig the Originals. I find nothing adds more class to traditional media than a little lens flare.


Davis Chino said...

El! Jeez, I've been packing boxes all day...the movers come Monday, and it's gonna be tight.

OK, I love that you'd feel inspired to take a crack at this. But I have to ask, did you just feel like the Gorgon just wasn't...minty enough?

I see what you mean about the hand-on-knee not reading well enough--I was going for that loosening-of-the-grip as the hand falls dead, but never quite found the shape. That elbow's too stiff, too.

Also that hi-lite on her near cheek is nice--but for me the dot on the nose is too much. I wanted her face to be in shadow.

And hey, I thought the maroon blood was the best part!

Thanks for taking the time to forge some improvements!

MrGoodson2 said...

Ack. I'm not improving. Just doing variant free associative stuff in photoshop. Like Rick's was just to see my big idea of popping happen.