Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ECCC entry

Here's mine.  I just finished.  I think I will let it stew overnight.  Tomorrow is the deadline.  Kinda weird cropping, now that I look at it.  Oh well.


Tom Moon said...

Looks like Doctor Ocular has grown her hair out. She's looking good!

Rickart said...

but does she look like a she now?

MrGoodson2 said...

Very nice piece Rick. Good Creeple IP reinforcement

Davis Chino said...

Love it! Looks very representative of the world. Does she look like a she? I'd say yes, tho' her feminine nature is understated by design (i.e. her character), no? And love the relationship between her and the bugosaurus taxi--really feels like they're communicating. I think that must be down to bug's exprss'n, head position. Love that.

And the colors look great--the linework-to-color-field-to-painterliness ratio looks perfect.

My only comment might be to try and "pop" Dr. Ocular a little more? Maybe a rim light, or just more contrast or bigger patch of pale skin to contrast with dark line work? At a glance she gets a little lost in the comp. Whereas the bug reads insanely well.

I know what you mean about the cropping, but it's not very distracting. Maybe play with dropping that group of legs into a lower value--kinda more silhouetted, then fade them alittle more into the background? But it doesn't seem like a biggie.

Very cool! I better get crackin' on mine if I'm gonna keep up with this level o' quality!

My only

Davis Chino said...

...tho' that's tough on the legs because you did such a good job painting them, esp'ly with that lantern light source. I'd leave 'em, but maybe xperiment with yr framing? Try image without the gap between edge o frame and legs on other side?

Also, I think the Doc drops out just a little because she's a similar color/value to the strip of clouds in the sky, which she also lines up with? Again, this is just a fractional comment--the image looks terrific!

Mr. Bug goes to town! I can practically hear the cabbie talkin'.

Rickart said...

That's all useful feedback. I'm going to play with it a bit more tonight and then ship it for the deadline tomorrow.

Tom Moon said...

She definitely looks like a she.