Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Unfinished Doctor Strange

Checked out Essential Doctor Strange from the library and was inspired to draw him on a recent bus ride.  No Ditko in this collection, but there was some Brunner and Colan.  It included a Dracula crossover.  Generally not great stuff, but not necessarily awful either.  I find Steve Englehart's writing more and more difficult to tolerate as I get older.  I think he has some cool ideas but at times he presents them in an awkward fashion. 


MrGoodson2 said...

I progressed through so little of the history of Dr Strange. It was all about that special astral playground of Ditko's brain.
I have a copy somewhere of a special issue of Mike Mignola doing a Dr Starnge Dr Doom special issue. This way before Mike Mignola was Mike Mignola. I'll have to find that.
LI like the sketch. Do a funny caption for it and you're done with a nearsighted comics. I'll try one.
"My name is Strange. I'll be your waiter tonight."

Davis Chino said...

@ Rick: Love it--really fun sketch, and I like how you get a more narrow-headed, cerebral suaveness to yr Dr. More like a William Powell Dr. Strange--an old-fashioned way of seeing the leading man. You can't have a leading man like that now. Her has to have more muscles.

@ Ellis: HAHAHA! Funny! Rick, you should use it!

Rickart said...

Maybe that's why I like Dr. Who so much... the 2 most recent Doctors have been tall skinny fellows... heroes without the muscles.

If memory serves, Ellis, that Doctor Strange/Mignola book also has Doctor Doom in it... and I gave it to you when you were in the hospital!

MrGoodson2 said...

Rick, thanks. I must have been doing dope and didn't have a clear memory of where I got it. Good hospital dope.

Davis Chino said...

The Ellis-suggesting-to-Rick-a-book-Rick-gave-Ellis is too beautiful and human to be believed.