Monday, October 04, 2010

400 Blows sketching

Do they look French?
Really enjoyed the movie The 400 Blows.
And the torso standing up is a copy of Claire Wendling's Lions. She's French. The fat headed guy bottom right is Robert Gibbs. I don't think he's French.


Davis Chino said...

Nice! Glad you dug Truffaut's first. Like the ending. You might really enjoy comparing it to Jean Vigo's "Zero de Conduite"(?sp?) or "Zero for Conduct,"a pre-war film that's only 45-50 minutes long. A very similar work, but much more whimsical/magical, less "social realism".

MrGoodson2 said...

I will look up Zero for Conduct. Sounds good. The 400 Blows had great location work. I guess they worked with cameras mounted on flatbed trucks. Very in and out. But actually feeling very locked down and stable.