Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fashion Troubles

From something I'm working on. I haven't quite found the look I'm after.

But they have.


Mr Goodson said...

They walk alike, they talk alike, what a crazy pair.
I like the work Marty. Your line work is great.

rickart said...

This doesn't look ANYTHING like the Abomination! What a piece of crap!

Actually, these are very nice illustrations. What is the look you are trying for? The one on the right reminds me of the amorous neighbor in Edward Scissorhands.

weezie said...

Great picture Marty! Looks like I have a new desktop image!

Tom Moon said...

These drawings remind me of the great Jaime Hernandez's work of Love and Rockets. That guy can capture so much character in his line, it's amazing.

Jeff said...

what is this for??? Are you making fun of women....again???