Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Wall-E trailer

I just saw the new Wall-E trailer and this film looks FANTASTIC! I'm getting pumped up for this one.

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Mr Goodson said...

Yes indeed. It will be huge. Our game looks fantastic as well. This trailer showed a lot of things I haven't seen and I've been in the loop on a ton of early renders.

As a gamer, I'd like for there to just be a seperate Eve game. You play her in our game, but i'd like to focus on just the fighter jet character with the wicked gun arm.

I did more modeling chores on this game than any other so it marks a new confidence level for me. We're working almost exclusively on the wii version now. The other versions are just about ready.

And our cinematics are in the can except for post effect sweetening. Maybe another award in the making.

Very proud of this one. About time. Work at this 20 years and you finally do a game you're looking forward to playing