Thursday, March 27, 2008

News From Tom Carrol (sic)

Here is a link to TWITCH!, a comic strip I have wanted to do since BlueSky days (but never did).
I think the title of this posting takes you to the first issue of TWITCH! on the Drunk Duck Web comics portal. This button takes you to the current strip (today's posting... no time yet this week for more than one post).

TWITCH! is also published on a weekly basis at Doesn't pay anything, but it's great coverage for the strip and provides statistics when / if I try for some form of syndication ... So far the Drunk Duck strips get between 150 -350 peeks a day.

Also, one of the songs I wrote for my musical comedy review called "I Survived The Bush Administration (And All I Got Was This #$%^&@ T-Shirt!)" is up for a Golden Kayak award from the Independent Artists Community (IAC) site that hosts the music. Here is a link the the station with all the "I Survived" music (here) and another one to a station that has all the nominated comedy .mp3 songs in residence (here).

My nominated song is called "It Hurts."

More news coming. Lots of stuff to eventually share at Comic Con time.

Have fun.

Tom Carrol(l)


Davis Chino said...


Sorry I missed the double "l" ending on yr sainted name. My bad. Thank you for graciously pointing that out.

I just had to post that right away--now, on to exploring your strip. I shall return to post thoughts directly.

Tom Carroll said...

Heh heh ... NP D.C.

I like the Tomm reference, though I always grew up envious of people who spelled their Tom "Thom," like in Thom McCann ... ;-)

Mr Goodson said...

I really like the TWITCH strip Tom. Nice work. It's cool to watch the development of character. But I mainly think the Dilbert style jokes from an insider view in game development are what work best. You even had an animated gif effect in the middle of one panel. Try that in a newspaper. very cool. I'd like bigger panels and a button that advanced me through the 4 shots. That way the art could be larger and the payoff would be emphasized. Great body of work already. Iike also the invitation to supply punch lines from readers. good idea.