Monday, March 24, 2008

Think I saw Jeff on his Big Wheel

Added by Krayonzilla:

He said look for the Shark. Could this be him? (Towards the end of the clip)

It was on Headline news. It was a report that popped up on my thumbnail, picture in picture, "newsmix" channel. I expanded it and there was Jeff. I think. But the change wasn't quick enough to catch it on the TIVO. Drat.

Be alert watching the news today. Jeff looked grim if it was him. Lots of pile ups. They should pulse them out and time the seperate groups. I'd want to be last.


Mr Goodson said...

If that's Jeff, he had a tight inside track.

After they all take the corner you hear the sound of the crowd moaning at some apparent catastrophe.

Jeff doing an endo with his vision obstructing headpiece flopping to and fro?

rickart said...

Yup, that's Jeff! I would have posted my own pictures but we left our cameras at the restaurant we ate at afterwards and I was REALLY sick yesterday and didn't go to pick it up. I will get them tonight and post the pics when I get a chance.

The event was quite fun and we hung out with Jeff, his delightful family and some other friends of his afterwards.

The street is like a miniature version of Lombard St. so there is no "inside" track... the course weaves in both directions. Jeff says he wasn't in any bad wrecks, but he did run into a gorilla on the way down.

If I can figure out how to post some videos, I'll get them online as well.