Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dog and Bear

Blair and I went to the Ghetty Villa last Friday, (the recently reopened museum in Malibu), the first time I'd been there since 199...2? This visit followed the one we made to the Ghetty proper (the overlord of the Sepulveda Pass), whence my posting of last week issued. My drawings were only so-so at the Villa. Here's a dog and bear sculpture pairing sketched at the old Ghetty, (cheater!), and part of a man's face from the Villa.

I have to scroll back and check out Tom Carrol's post referring us to his new-born comic strip--way to go, Tom!


Mr Goodson said...

You have such a great handle on that dry brush. The only guy that comes to mind when I look at your brush work is another TAG guy. Brent Anderson. He was more a Famous Artists School alumnus than anything else. But you can easily see how that relates to your own Fred Fixler via Jeff Watts background.

Mr Goodson said...

Which one is the bear.