Saturday, March 01, 2008

Trying out Grand Central

I'm trying out this new feature on Blogger called Grand Central. If you click the button on the upper right you can call me for free from your computer. Actually I'm having all messages sent to voicemail and screening them. Yes Scott that means YOU. So why use this?? I dunno. Making free phone calls I guess. Another feature is that you can post a voicemail. Just click on the player below to hear my golden tones. Gotta work on my announcer voice. Let me know what you think. Weird or what?

Here's Ellis' reply!

Don't know why there's so much dead air after the message.


Mr Goodson said...

What button on the upper right? You're always pushing the tech on us Jeff. This Blog is your brainchild. I barely figured that out. Now we have to learn how to use a new fangled phone.

Consarn it.

I'll experiment. Soon as I learn where the upper right button went.

Mr Goodson said...

I found it via going to Dashboard and learning from the data. I wonder... can a guy take that recording and treat it as a sound file? That would be great way toget a bunch of sound files to animate flash shorts with. We could share a script, everybody do their bit and blend it into a unfied project. Wow.

Mr Goodson said...

I did it. The download button is an mp3 file. I directly imported it into flash and listened to it. But I used their generic intro message. This may be cool, still playing at it.

Mr Goodson said...

I figured it out. The button you refered to. It didn't look like a button, more like an ad. I've posted to my other blog one of the messages I left to myself.. It has better sound quality and better file size for an mp3 than I'm able to generate with my Audacity program and my special usb microphone. I'm not sure all the other uses it might have but I'm pleased with this no frills sound file creation capability.

Mr Goodson said...

The dead air occurs even though I hang up. I don't get it either.

Tom Moon said...

This sounds intimidating. If only Ellis could come to my house and help me with it.