Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Spied at ye ol' Starbux this AM and committed to paper later, from memory.

There are so many things worth commenting on lately. Jeff, you're gouache is astounding. The look of a true pro. Rick, you're sick? Tommoon, I LOVE seeing work from you--I haven't read the comments on it yet, but I'm tempted to bet you used that DS Sketchbook (?) program. We know that you are very cutting edge.

Ellis, you're inimitable.

Jim, "inimitable" doesn't even begin to describe the Krayonzilla presence at TAG...

I can't find the Tom Carrol post regarding his comic strip--what gives? Has cyberspace swallowed the announcement of his latest effort? I'd really like to see what he's been working on.

Lastly, Weezie, how the heck are you? I am flattered mightily by yr praise. These drawings are posted in your honor. Hope all is well.

Which reminds me, when are we going to hold our all-points Bluesky reunion? (please note, girl below is NOT Tami Tasker)


Tom Carroll said...

I have it on good authority that Tom C. will post his post again tonight (probably when he finishes his Game Developer review of Mudbox at around 2am ... snore (already).


rickart said...

I was sick... am better now. Good enough to head on down to SD for the weekend! Sue has a friend she's going to met up with on Friday night, so the kids and I are looking for something to do at that time. I've already put in a message to Tom M, who had mentioned getting together before... any other takers?

rickart said...

Oh, and Marty, cool drawings! Is the second one another piece in preparation for your own comic efforts?

Davis Chino said...


You're coming down to S.D?! I'm not sure what you're doing this weekend, but it would be great to see you and Tommy. Not that I know if I'm invited...

Thanks for the compliments. No, the girl on the bottom is not from my short strip (which I continue to work on)--she was seen at SBUX too. I'm working on visual retention. Better than water retention--but much harder for me to achieve.

Tom C., glad to hear you will be sharing some comic strips with us! More power to ye. (I was driving yesterday and saw someone in a Northrop-Gruman parking lot practicing the bagpipes, and I thought of you-know-who).

Mr Goodson said...

Great character studies. I like the arm on the far side of the Faith girl. That fade on the line of the bicep matched by the subtle insert muscle coming up from the inner forearm.

All that anatomy and sculpting and now you can make iyt look easy.

Hey, we going to the HamMer or what. Park at the big mall lot for the promenade or meet over at Howard hughes and head out in one car?

rickart said...

Consider yerself invited... that goes for any TAG types who want in on this! I will check my email and here tomorrow morning (friday) to see what's going on... Tom says he's free tomorrow night, so we are going to hook up then. I suggested to him that we meet at the UTC foodcourt around 6:00-6:30, but nothing is set in stone.

Oh, and I will have the kids with me... so don't say I didn't warn you.

weezie said...

Thanks Marty! Those are great!

BlueSky reunion eh? I think that falls into the "be careful what you wish for" category. :) If any of you ever come up to Bay Area, let me know. Rickart and I live a stone's throw away from each other. Mark Botta works a few rows of cubes away from me and Amber pops up here and there in the North Bay. I suspect a couple other people we may know are lurking around the Bay Area, but I haven't kept in touch.