Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wendling and Carradine

The big grab bag doodle was the result of doodling while watching Alfred Hitchcock, PRIDE (mixed martial art event) , LOST HIGHWAY and News and other stuff. There are attempts at quick studies of the shapes and features of Hitch, James Farentino, John Carradine,Vanderlai Silva, Gomi, Robert Blake, John Gavin. And others.

The beasts are my attempts to "flip" Claire wendling cats. I've got a study of her original sketch on the left, then you have the mirror on the right. I think the big cat head is the toughest thing to invent properly. But Wendling's are right up there with Frazetta.

I'm going to do more studies from the PRIDE event in the near future because they have some very interesting war torn features. Should make great "Flintstone " type Hanna Barbera character sheet material.


echoform said...

these are all great, but i espeically like the little guy with the shield and sword.

rickart said...

What a terrific group of head studies! I need to draw more!