Friday, February 23, 2007

Caricatures and Goals for the next couple of weeks

For you Echoform.

I will be sketching from DVR pause (usually Perry Mason) and then turn that into a "Flintstoned" drawing.

The other sketch will be a "Flipped" Cat. Taking one of Claire Wendling's cat sketches and imagining the exact same pose from 180 degree different POV change. I hope that will give my brain the kind of work out it needs to start drawing cats the way she does.


Justin said...

Ever consider posting your "goals for the next couple of weeks" on

Mr Goodson said...

No Justin. I haven't

echoform said...

thanks mr. goodson. i hope and believe more good stuff will appear on this blog.

Mr Goodson said...

what? Are justin and Echoform one and the same. i thought I was being used for advertising.