Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Ellis LIES!

Although Jeff, Marty, Ellis and I did have a grand night out and we did see Ghost Rider, I will not stand by and idly let Ellis' slippery lips desecrate Jeff's and my good names!

Ghost Rider, to us, was the WORST movie of the year so far. Written and directed by the same 4th grader Mark Steven Johnson... or Steven Mark Johnson, whatever... it was campy corn crap. Either way, Ellis will NOT stain our true opinions! Our reputations are too valuable to the public at large to be besmirched in this manner. The movie was celluloid poo.

However, the evening out with the four of us was very enjoyable. Even with a Ranjo present.

On a different note, I myself as well as many others should be impressed with my alliterative skill above with the line "idly let Ellis' slippery lips".

Lastly, Marty, here's the picture of my friend's friend's Halloween night that captured a whole hell of a lot of ghostly ectoplasm in front of their house. And also a more exciting way to play tennis.

That is all.



Mr Goodson said...

Buncakes speaks true. His psychological assault is too much to bear up under. Jeff and he were weeping in misery at the movie. I liked it because Nick Cage had a lot of fun and it kept moving and the movie never took itself seriously. It's true, I'm easy to please. It's genetic, just like slippery lips.

Mr Goodson said...

You know if you look at the big version of the ectoplasm photo, you can see faces formed in the mist. Pretty cool

Davis Chino said...

Scott, the ectoplasm pic is very cool--but can we be sure that's not just residue form an aerosol can of instant cobweb run amuck?

Movie night was good clean fun, great to see everyone, and we must do it again--soon.

Silver Surfer?

Be great to get ALL the TAG'sters together for that one--esp. without ComicCON enveloping us--that's just too fraught.